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Unification Organisation of Collective Ascension History

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UOCA was founded by James Travers-Murison in 2001 at his father's house in Anzac Parade, Canberra.

UOCA's index page is located at UOCA Index.

Project Eden and UOCA's Political agenda
The Unification Organisation for Collective Ascension is based upon all the teachings received by James in his short life to date. Project Eden will be the first phase culmination of UOCA – this is located at this contains scientific research into rawfoods and the political aims of UOCA to transform the planet

Spiritual and Scientific Theories
A summary of his concept of Enlightenment is contained in a theological discussion with Yip Kok Tho at his theory of physics is at

UOCA Education Theory
Elements of his education theory and experimental yoga school are located at Experischool
- for those interested in starting an alternative yoga based school for educating children.

The first volume of his autobiography Efil Ym 4891 is located at

About Me
His Curriculum Vitae is available at which summarises his life and work experiences.

A summary of a possible UOCA course is at and

UOCA has a news site at

The following is a quote from James:
"The most important goal of the spiritual aspirant is good mental health. Bodily health will flow from this. UOCA's aim is to guide the individual to a supreme state of health and in the process ascend spiritually to a state known as enlightenment. Complete perfection of even the mind is not possible in this Universe - there is no omniscience. The Ascension process gives the path and the knowledge to leave the material universe completely as a perfected soul. This state of enlightenment is only reached at the end of this process and the final purification is completed once the body is discarded. As nothing can be perfect in this Universe so too complete enlightenment occurs once we have left this realm. This process will be Collective, in other words it will be done with others selflessly, and it will involve an Unification of all systems - East and West religions, and science.

It must be said that there is no end to consciousness and the creation, as it also has no beginning and contractospands endlessly in both directions of the macro and micro scale forever infinitely. In other words, even when one has purified oneself to finally leave the cycle of reincarnation, this attainment to nirvana is also temporary bliss. Eventually the perfected consciousness wishes to return to disorder and chaos of phenomena and so if you like the enlightened entity makes a decision to cease its perfection and become once again unenlightened and defiled so as to continue its multifarious dance of cosmic experience. And unfortunately there is no end to this. One in a way is sealed into looking for the next experience to gratify the consciousness – in all the infinite universes. So UOCA’s ascension process for both the individual and the planet is also temporary, however it is worth pursuing as the temporary goal is very good and beneficial for this planet if we make a choice that we want to live in a greener, more peaceful and loving world – I call it The Garden of Eden but most would say utopia – hence Project Eden.

Initially I am wanting to form a group of like-minded people to help found and progress this project and also planetary reform. For this purpose UOCA Ashrams will be set up in every capital city in Australia and hopefully worldwide. Perhaps this is why you are reading this information now. UOCA includes reforming our economic system from capitalism to a more equitable system removing the classes of rich and poor. Also reforming our health system from allopathic to holistic health. And reforming our environment energy use to sustainable renewable non-polluting energy. Finally reforming our minds to universal harmony. This group will be known as the Unification Organisation of Collective Ascension ( UOCA) or more simply as the 'Family'. There is no financial obligation as a member. The aim is that the organisation must operate through donations only as a non-profit charity.

Essential to this is the proto-type experimental research centre for the planetary Utopia - to test it out. Therefore UOCA must create an international rawfoods community called Project Eden. Below is information on this project and also creating a worldwide government system to reform the planet via a Worldwide Network of Ascension (WNA). I emphasise that this strongly promotes a vegetarian rawfood diet and yoga, though not necessary to be a member you should have a strong interest in these and its benefits as the end goal is to have humanity as a whole on a rawfood diet in a thousand years. If you wish to apply to join then email with your reasons for wanting to join and a brief history about yourself - one or two paragraphs relevant to Eden - and you will be put forward to the family as a new family member receiving the Family Weekly Pews Newsletter with the freedom to contact other members or the group - see conditions. If you are interested in becoming a resident member of an UOCA ashram then please email UOCA on .

UOCA needs this grand vision of Project Eden as an initial catalyst to bring about the full reform of humanity that will enable us to transform the planet to paradise. The big picture is that Australia combined with all the other nations is like a seed that is going to grow into UOCA - I believe it is part of a divine plan for the planet. But it will not work unless we bring it about. I urge you to apply to join UOCA. I note the horrific wars between ideologies and religions this last century. This is not humanity and UOCA will ensure that the new system for the planet will never allow these atrocities to happen. The world needs UOCA's vision to transform itself into the utopia. Economically communism has been decisively defeated by capitalism that is why from governing half the world's population it now barely operates in any country but North Korea and even there it is largely an economic failure when compared to the wealth generated by its southern partner and is only held together by exercising extreme isolationist policies enforced by the military. And this is exactly why a new form of communism is required, but one that is not repressive and is economically more successful than capitalism with its clear inequities of wealth. This is what UOCA is all about.

Look forward to hearing from you."


Project Eden : The Community

Project Eden please go to this website to find out more about our aims and objectives and see below.

This is about a rawfood’s community in harmony with nature in the rainforest of deep north Tropical Queensland in Australia. A healing and teaching centre would be included based on alternative healing techniques. A research school would be established which would use state of the art hi-tech scientific research methods supported by government grants, JCU university research faculties into bio-molecular, biochemical, genetics, metabolism enzyme action, endocrinology, and nutrition effects of raw food diet and curing of degenerative diseases, statistically analysed and case controlled.An environmental conservation centre in which techniques would be taught and used to promote ecological sustainability in the local community – organic fruit orchards, vegetable gardens following permaculture methods. Alternative energy sources would be promoted such as solar, wind and wave generators of power. Low energy devices and EPA low noise producing machines using and emitting minimum pollutants would be encouraged and possibly developed. Solar vehicles, electric mowers, etc. Building and design would be incorporating natural fibres and climate merging into the rainforest greenery and beachfront.

The community would have a nudist culture and include for accommodation an eco-sustainable hotel, rainforest lodges and for dietics a cordon bleu Rawfood Restaurant, Café, Juice Bar, gift shop, organic health food shop and grocery.Rawfoods is the lowest environmental impact diet on the planet, uses minimum resources and energy to produce and sustain. Agricultural harvesting could be reduced by at least 100 times if all humans became rawfooders. WE could return this planet to the Garden of Eden it was before civilisation has near destroyed it, if rawfoods became humanities basic diet. Improved health, reduced ageing, increased vitality would massively reduce the welfare and medical burden on society so allowing billions of dollars of resources to be spent on a toxic and pollution free environment. The connection to reduced aggression on rawfoods would end all wars and minimise domestic and civil violence and disputes. Thus military and police forces could be drastically curtailed with more financial savings. Recreation, creativity, art and scientific innovation would become the main focus of a new age of peaceful humanity where we become non-separate soul partners on a journey to unity of spirit.

Mission StatementMotto – Truth, Justice and Purity (of mind, body and spirit)

Through happiness as a daily path creating our dream of an utopia in the tropics so returning humanity to the Garden of Eden with the health of the gods. Enthusiasm through joy will build this natural community to heal mankind of degenerative diseases and provide by the tools of scientific research the means to alter the collective consciousness of society to raw foods, good health and a clean environment, ‘one for all and all for one’.

I think in this way we can become a true family of believers in a better world and hopefully instigators of change.

If you agree simply reply writing why you would like to join and a brief history about yourself and send.



Please read about Project Eden and email me if you can assist. To read my works (past volumes of FWPN, diaries, film, novel, short stories, cv, business plan click here).

James Travers

Founder of Unification Organisation of Collective Ascension

LLB. BA. (Monash) Dip. FTW&P (Aus. Coll. Journ.) Grad. Dip. Ed. (Aus. Cath. Univ.) Cert. IV Small Bus. Manag.




Experischool - for those interested in starting an alternative yoga based school for educating children.